This post is meant to be a reminder. I was working on a website design using the Divi Builder when suddenly I couldn’t copy Modules or any other Section/Row. I know you’re already used with the copy function of the Divi Builder. You can save a lot of time with it. Right-click the element that you want and click Copy.

Copy feature of the Divi Builder

Copy feature of the Divi Builder

It seems that the browser has a limit of storage the copy function. I particularly like to develop websites using Google Chrome. I’m not sure if this issue happens in Firefox or IE too.

Has this ever happened to you? Follow the next instructions to easily recover the copy function from the Divi Builder.

How to recover copy from Modules, Sections, and Rows

You just need to run a command in your browser to make it work again.

01. Right-click anywhere on your back-end page view and click Inspect.

02. Click the Console tab.

03. Run the following code. Copy and paste it and press Enter.

Paste the code inside the Console tab

Paste the code inside the Console tab

And that’s it. The copy function should be working normally again.

I’ve run into this problem again today – so I thought it was enough of it. I decided to document this quick solution to have a place to take a look if I forget how to solve this issue again.

I got this solution searching in different forums around the internet. And, if you run this code inside your browser console once you can trigger it again by simply pushing the up arrow key.

Today I wasn’t on my computer and this happened to me. And I couldn’t find the code…

Now, this won’t happen again now, as it’s documented in this short post.

UPDATE: Fabrice Esquirol suggested this blog post below as Jonathan Bossenger was the first to talk about this problem and he gives a solution as a plugin for people who doesn’t want to use the console.



I know this isn’t such a big tutorial. But, if I help you somehow – or create a place where you can easily grab this code again – it’s awesome.

Did you recover copy from Modules, Sections, and Rows? If you liked this leave a comment below.

See ya!