That’s right. I’m challenging you to complete this 4 apps to learn front-end until the end of the year. They’re apps for iOS and Android smartphones – so you can make a lesson or two during break times during the day.

The name of the brand is SoloLearn and it has lots of courses to choose: C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Swift, Ruby, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

SoloLearn - Everyone can code

SoloLearn – Everyone can code

You can download the courses for free at Google Play, App Store or learn on the Web.

What’s the challenge?

I challenge you to finish 4 courses from SoloLearn to become – in a short period of time – a better web designer.

You won’t become any better Web Designer if you only use plugins and child themes from other developers and don’t know how things work.

Of course, you can buy plugins and products from other developers. But, at least you should know what you are buying. Learning to better read HTML, CSS, and JS will open your mind in such a way that there’s no going back.

How do you start

First of all download these 4 apps into your smartphone:

  • Learn HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn JS
  • Learn jQuery

Then, finish each one in the order above. It’s important to start with HTML, learn how to style it with CSS, know how JavaScript works so you can better use jQuery.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

I promise that after you finish all 4 courses you will see the Divi and Extra themes in a whole different way.

It’s not easy. But, with small steps every day you’ll manage to finish a course in a month. After 4 months you’ll be a better web designer for sure.

Remember: after each lesson, you should click on the comments section to see other people’s thoughts on the subject.

Always check the comments section

Always check the comments section

Sometimes you should click on the Try it yourself button that opens a Code Playground for you to see the code in action and change it the way you want.

Code Playground

Code Playground


Have you ever heard of this SoloLearn method? I challenge you to finish all these 4 apps to learn front-end in 4 months.

They are free of charge and give you certificates at the end of each course.

If you have already done all of them, share your feedback with us.

See ya!