Hello, my friend! I’m enthusiastic to start a new category on my blog. The focus is to show what’s my whole process of creating websites to my clients. There’re lots of steps and third party software and SaaS. But, I believe that if I can show you a little bit of how I do things it might give you new ideas to implement in your workflow.

What’s my website creation workflow #1

I’ve recorded a video showing what’s my workflow. I currently use Extra theme – by Elegant Themes – with a child theme I have just created. It’s called “extralight”.

In this example, I’m creating a simple personal trainer website using Google’s Material Design elements – thanks to Propeller – and some other tools for web designing that I use daily:

Icons – https://icons8.com/
SVG – https://nucleoapp.com/
Images – https://unsplash.com/
Background patterns – https://www.toptal.com/designers/subtlepatterns/
Color palettes – https://coolors.co/
Color match – https://material.io/color/

How was the creating of this layout?

I’m not skilled yet with my screen recording software and it took around 3 hours from start to finish of this website creation workflow video.

I have more than 1.000 lines of Custom CSS to make Extra reach the fullest potential for my routine use.

If you watch until the middle of the video you’ll see that vast of the changes in the website layout are done by simply adding pre-established CSS classes into Extra Custom CSS fields.

Did you like my workflow? Do you want to grab a copy of my first child theme? If you are willing to follow the trend and start using Extra theme instead of Divi theme – this is an opportunity for you.

This Extra child theme called extralight is not ready yet. But, probably my next post will be about its launch.


What did you think about my website creation workflow?

I think it’s awesome to learn how other Divi and Extra web designers do their work – with plugins, custom CSS or custom jQuery codes.

Leave a comment or send your feedback to me.

See ya!