That’s it. I’m leaving for good the Divi theme. For a simple reason. I’m in awe with the Extra theme. When the ET team first released Extra theme I was excited – ran to try it fast – but, saw lots of “bugs and glitches” comparing to the Divi theme.

I thought the problem was with the ET team not putting so much effort and care as they continuously do with Divi.

I was wrong… The problem was fully me!

I was that Web Designer used to change CSS styles only with the toggle of a button. And, I wanted ET team to make infinity buttons with all my needs… Come on, that’s enough.

Now I really know the truth. I’ve done some beginner level HTML, CSS and JS courses and I can manage to edit some few – but important – lines of code that make the design and functionalities reach my objective.

That’s why now I know that

Extra theme is a masterpiece

Everything that you like from Divi has in Extra. Come on, I challenge you to say 1 thing the Extra needs compared to the Divi.

Now I realized: the Extra theme is equal Divi, but after using steroids.

It’s about time for you to join me only using Extra from now on.

Giving a second chance

After planning to start a blog with tutorials focused on Divi and WordPress – I start hunting the best WordPress theme or platform to handle all the posts, comments, etc.

I thought of Divi in the beginning, but I’ve never really tried to a make great blog with it. It hadn’t an author box at the end of every post – or a related post feature that I was looking for.

I looked the ghost blogging platform, other WordPress related themes… but I really like the design of ET themes and their license policy.

So, of course, even already having tried the Extra theme, I took the risk of trying it again. But, now with 300% more code knowledge than before.

Now, I’ll try to summarize why you should change from Divi to Extra theme right now!

Next are my 10 good reasons why you should start using Extra theme.

10 Facts why you should change from Divi to Extra theme

01. Get exactly the same full-width page layout as Divi

Page attributes fullwidth

If Extra has the same possibility, you don’t need to stick with Divi just because you are already familiarized in creating pages with Divi.

Use the blog layout (with sidebars) only if you want it to.

02. Easily edit layouts with CSS as you do in Divi theme

For example: want to hide the credits on the footer?

/* -- Footer -- */
#footer-bottom {
display: none;

That’s it. Extra theme is as easily customizable as Divi theme.

03. Have a nice author box at the end of your posts

Author box

Does Divi have it now? Sadly don’t… so, why give ET more work to do in Divi if they have already created the Extra theme?

I’ve opened a theme edit suggestion in ET forum (about the author box) and they told me they would consider adding it to Divi. But, I don’t really care now if they don’t make lots of features to Divi – as I said – Extra already has it, so why should we give ET team more work to do.

Don’t even think about installing a new plugin just to handle author boxes… phew!

04. Pagination links

Native pagination

Yeah, say goodbye to WP-PageNavi. This plugin is nice and I use it on some websites. But, if Extra has this feature built in the core code – one less plugin is more, right?

05. Related posts

Related posts

Yep, say goodbye to all your plugins that handle related posts – Yuzo the fastest I’m talking to you.

I used Yuzo in a project and it really helped me a lot! But, Extra now has this awesome feature. By the way, if you don’t use Extra you should check the plugin above.

06. Mega menus

Mega menu

With a simple switch of buttons, mega menus are ready for you in Extra theme.

Furthermore, the top menu has already some neat link animations on hover and is as easy to edit as in Divi.

07. Trending bar

Trending bar

Fancy. It’s a very neat feature and clients love it.

08. Cool widgets format

Widgets format

I like the design of the widgets in the Extra theme. Check out the author widget above. Cool, isn’t?

09. Full professional blogging platform

This – of course – is the main feature in the Extra theme. The blog.

Easily set up a professional blog for your clients. With a couple of customizations, transform your client’s boring institutional website to an amazing content administration web app.

And then, you can charge more, right?

10. As fast as Divi

The best for the last. One of the things that kept me away from Divi was the speed.

Performance grade

Of course, when I had plenty of image sizes and photos on a single page – the speed tests would be really bad for sure. And, I thought the problem was real with Extra…

My advice: shrink the page as much as you can. My YouDivi blog has 8 posts per page – and all the images are optimized by TinyPNG plugin.

If you go nuts by the fancy look of the Extra theme demo page layout – you’re going to have a hard time with page load issues. Too many big images.


Ask me if I’m going to change YouDivi to YouExtra? Nahhhhh.

Divi is awesome! And, if you are happy using it – just keep going.

I’ve started writing this blog post by impulse. My head was in awe for a few seconds when I started to really understand how the Extra theme is good. And I really hope to give you a little overview of my thoughts.

But, one thing is true. After 26 tutorials focusing on Divi – I’ll stop writing Divi tutorials. Now, my main focus and turn-on is the Extra theme. And I have some tutorials planned already. I think you’ll like them and maybe join me using Extra.

Thanks for reading my friend. Will you start using Extra theme too?

Any thoughts about Extra? Please, share with me and the community. I’ll gladly join the discussion.

See ya!