The Extralight theme is starting to sell. On the other hand, some people still have some doubts about the benefits of using Extralight to create WordPress websites. Also, some Divi users have a prejudice against Extra users. Come on, we are all on the same team.

Yes, Extra theme has more bugs than Divi theme. But, Extralight is here because of this. No more bugs. Only even extra customizations.

So, I put together 30 reasons to buy Extralight.

I want to sell Extra child themes for $30. No discounted prices or subtle rises. I’ve never liked this so I won’t do it too.

Imagine that every reason is worth $1, so $30 bucks is a worthy price. And, I’ll show you why.

My list of 30 reasons to buy Extralight child theme

01. Same Divi workflow you are used with

I suppose you are a Divi lover as me and are already used to work with the Divi theme. So, I want you to discover the Extra theme.

Extra theme is equal to Divi theme, but with “extra” features.

That’s why the visual builder is still called – and will always be – Divi Builder.

02. Mobile ready

Don’t worry about how your design is going to look on mobile. Lots of CSS is focused on mobile user experience (UX).

03. H1, H2, H3, and H4

Have you ever had trouble with the font sizes and their design – p, h1, h2, h3 and h4 – of your WordPress website? Well, don’t worry about it anymore. Aligned with the “Roboto” font – recommended by Google Material Design – you’ll be creating trending look websites soon.

04. Margin and Padding

Do you need to fix the margin and padding in all your layouts to have a consistent pixel-perfect design in all your pages? Well, not with Extralight. Please, don’t worry about margins and paddings anymore. 

05. Preformatted, links, blockquote, etc

Please, access the documentation page to see all these features in action. It’s good to change one website layout from another – but we shouldn’t change what already has a clean look.

06. Add “Menu” text to mobile

Extralight have “Menu” written on the bottom of the mobile hamburger menu – to make sure users know the 3 stacked lines are the menu.

07. Create footer section with widgets

If you are used to creating the footer section of your WordPress website with Global Modules you should stop. It’s better for the code semantic to have the < footer > tag present inside the footer part of your website. You can easily achieve this with Widgets.

08. Footer reveal effect in footer

Some modern websites use this kind of animation to reveal the footer information by scrolling the page. It’s already activated in Extralight child theme.

09. Sticky widget

The last sidebar widget is always visible – scrolling together – until the bottom of the page. Good for ads and modern look.

10. Google Ads ready

The Extra theme makes it easier to set Google Ads and earn money blogging.

11. Facebook Comments ready

What do you think of handling all your blog and Facebook page posts in the same moderation tool without the need of extra plugins? Extralight is ready for it as well.

Update: Facebook team might be discontinuing this project. Check this link for more information.

12. Facebook Instant Articles ready

I’ll reveal how I achieved the Facebook Instant Articles for my blog posts. Make all your blog posts open instantly in Facebook pages and fascinate your clients.

13. Google’s AMP project ready

I‘ll share the CSS that I use with all the plugin configuration to turn your normal WordPress website into a full AMP ready website – follow the trend and the big companies.

14. Buttons with ripple effect

Have you ever seen a website with this kind of effect in the button? It really adds up to the user experience.

Click here to see the ripple effect.

15. Call to actions (CTA) with ripple effect

The same effect above, but it’s a full-width call to action button. It’s a good idea to place one just before the footer in every page.

16. Subtle background patterns

Just add bg, bg2, bg3, bg4 to any Module to see what happens. Cool subtle patterns – and you can add more if you want to.

17. Design focused on Google Material Design

Do you believe in love at first sight? When I first saw the design guidelines of Google Material Design I was in awe. With the help of the Propeller documentation, I set classes that you can quickly add some the best Material Design ideas to your Extra theme website.

18. CTA on the last menu item

Automatically the last menu item in your WordPress menu will have a highlight color background and a box shadow. Neat, hum?

19. 20+ classes to speed design workflow

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to design great quality sections and rows with a few ready to use CSS classes.

Feels easy, right?

Add fancy background shadow to all your Modules and modern buttons on all pages.

20. SVG animations

Easily create SVG animation with icons from Nucleo or any other SVG library that you like. Surprise your users and clients with neat SVG animation with the simple addition of an SVG inside the Code Module and custom CSS class.

21. Loop animation on viewport

How about adding some micro animations to enhance your website user experience when they are on a specific section of your website? And easily make the animation loop when the user scrolls back again. Please, view the documentation for more information.

22. WhatsApp instant chat feature

Get a WhatsApp icon on mobile view. When the user clicks on it an automatic message is sent to the WhatsApp number you set inside the child theme footer.

23. Clean back-end with Adminimize

Ever wanted to deliver a website to your client with a clean back-end? Get my Adminimize setup configuration to easily import the best settings to get rid of back-end not important shortcuts.

24. Complete documentation

Check the documentation to learn all the features of the Extralight child theme. If you have any question – I’ll be glad to help. Reach me at

25. Just write. No worries

Copy and paste the text inside the normal WordPress visual editor and that’s it.

I believe this is one of the most important features of the Extralight child theme.

Normal WordPress Visual Editor

Normal WordPress Visual Editor

You don’t need to touch the Divi Builder at all to post beautifully in your blog. Besides that, your clients will love how easy it will be for them write new blog posts.

Leave the Divi builder only for the web designer. Go to Extra > Role Editor and disable all options when delivering the website to your client.

26. Drop caps

The first letter in all your blog posts will get a drop caps effect. If you want to add it to a Text Module you can insert the custom CSS class dcaps2 to trigger it.

27. More than 1.000 lines of CSS and jQuery

Yes, I know the Extra theme first experience is difficult because there are a few bugs and problems. But, with the correct CSS and jQuery changes – you’ll have a pixel-perfect framework to start new websites with a clean and modern look.

28. Start with a free layout

Get a free layout to start your learning journey. When you master all the custom classes inside the documentation you’ll be developing beautiful websites under a day.

29. Free future updates

To have the courage of selling this child theme I’m confident that my product is ready to use. But, of course, we can always improve our projects. So, I’ll send to you via Facebook group all the future update files – and the knowledge to use it to improve design and workflow.

30. Support via email

I like to help people as soon as I can. I focus on that gold medal for client support. The only problem is that my local time is UTC(-3:00). But, we’ll be fine! 🙂


Yes, I don’t want the Extralight child to be just another child theme…

I want Extralight to be a full workflow of everything that I’ve learned so far.

And you my friend are more than welcome to join me in this.


See ya!