What’s up, my friend. I’m writing this post because I’m feeling I’ve just leveled up in my Web Design skills. It’s awesome how much a personal project can make you evolve. When you start blogging and creating tutorials, new ideas just seem to pop out of nowhere – and great new information and code skills come together with it.

I’ve started the YouDivi project in April/2017

Long time I don’t write new tutorials but it’s because I studied a lot over the past days.

But, especially over the last week – because I learned a lot about AMP and Facebook Instant Articles.

So, let me resume the best 10 things I learned blogging and writing tutorials for Divi and Extra theme for WordPress.

What are the main 10 things I learned blogging

  • Create a child theme; (tutorial)
  • Change CSS with Google’s Developer Tools; (tutorial)
  • Activate Google’s Adsense on my blog;
  • Sync Facebook’s comments with blog’s comments;
  • Learn design technics with Google’s Material Design; (buttons) (box shadow)
  • Activate AMP;
  • Activate Facebook Instant Articles;
  • Earn my first dollar selling a layout;
  • Learn how to screen record and edit videos; (I’m using Filmora)
  • Feel comfortable targeting elements in CSS.

I’m looking forward to writing tutorials on the subjects above.

I feel these informations are scattered all over the internet blogs and forums. If I document them it could add value to the Divi, Extra and WordPress community.

I’ll start by writing tutorials about the design workflow I have today – so maybe you can share yours with me and we both find value in it.

What’s next?

You choose! What do you want to be my next tutorial? A lot of times I get content ideas from friends.

I want to finish this year of 2017 with a child theme that compacts everything that I’ve learned this far.

It’ll be more than a child theme only. It has to be a full workflow process from the child theme installation to the finished product you are going to deliver to your clients.


These are the 10 things I learned blogging. Have you already started blogging too? I think it helps to study and level up your Web Design skills quicker.

Leave a comment below about what topic interests you the most. I’ll start writing a tutorial on that. Stay tuned for more soon.

See ya!